May 17, 2012

Homestuck Troll Horns

Characters: All the trolls!
Creator: ME! (Kimi)
Difficulty: Easy
Hours to complete:
 Aradia: 2 hours
 Tavros: 1.5 hours
 Sollux: 1.5 hours
 Karkat: 1.5 hours
 Nepeta: 1 hour
 Kanaya: 1.5 hours
 Terezi: 20 minutes
 Vriska: 2 hours
 Equius: 1.5 hours
 Gamzee: 1.5 hours
 Eridan: 2 hours
 Feferi: 1.5 hours

Hope these help for on the-go cosplays! Purrhaps I shall make the Ancestors too, but we shall see!
dl includes all the troll horns (+a tall vriska horns) and pdo versions as well.


Ancestor Horns

Characters: All the Ancestors
Creator: ME! (Kimi)
Difficulty: Easy-ish
Hours to complete:
 Handmaid: 2.5 hours
 Summoner: 3 hours
 Psiioniic: 2.5 hours
 Sufferer: 1.5 hours
 Disciple: 2 hours
 Dolorosa: 2.5 hours
 Redglase: 20 minutes
 Mindfang: 2.5 hours
 Darkleer: 1.5 hours
 Grand Highblood: 3 hours
 Dualscar: 2.5 hours
 Baroness: 2.5 hours


  1. You should make a tutorial for making papercrafts from models here or yotsubas po KTHXBAI!

  2. oh... Alright! I will within a week ok? I need to work on highblood horns anyways :3

  3. is this alright?
    there should be a video saved on there :3

  4. What about the sprite horns? like Fefeta and erisol?

  5. I'm known as SINISTERSystem on deviantart for future reference. I absolutely love these papercrafts that you made that are easy to make, and easy to reproduce. I do not have the time or money to make clay or plastic horns, so this is amazing!! <3

    1. Oh goodness, that's wonderful to hear! I like them if nothing else for the lighter weight :o
      Yay cheap and not having to leave the house 8)

  6. Do you think you'll be making a Condesce horn papercraft? I really could use some.

  7. its included in the file above, but here have an updated version:

    and if you need trident caps, here's that too

  8. Do you do vocaloid papercrafts? XD

  9. hello i wanted to thank you for making these!! they are really usefull hehe
    i also made vriska she was so fun to make
    i cant seem to find any other homestuck papercrafts 38(
    also cant w8 for kanaya if you plan on finishing it ofcourse ^^

  10. Can you send me a link for Sollux, Eridan, and Feferi horns as a PDF? My computer can't open the files in the format they're in now.