Beginner Papercrafting Info

Here are some basic beginner papercrafting questions, feel free to ask me about papercrafts and I will answer your questions! Email-

Q: What paper and glue do I need for papercrafting?
A: The average glue used for papercraft is Aleene's Tacky Glue (EASILY bought at Wall Mart or any Craft store)
The average paper is: Smaller projects - 32lb (120gsm) Larger projects - 60lb

Q: How should I cut out the papercraft?
A: Use either small, easily controlled scissors, or use an exact-o knife. Some people who do larger projects or are in the hobby for a while buy craft robo's, which will score and cut the paper for you(?).

Q: Are there any specific techniques for using glue?
A: Don't apply too much? Just put a small dot on the tab and smear it on the tab, and only glue a few tabs at a time. If you have a need to be super precise, feel free to get a syringe and put glue in it. Otherwise, small smears, don't get it on the paper.

Q: Are there any good starting projects?
A: On my site, anything labeled 'easy' would definatley be simple enough to be a beginning project. Otherwise, starting with these would be good:
Desubunny Chibis:
SSN: (easy if you use instructions)
Or just look for anything that looks like it doesn't have too many pieces
NOTE: Most mecha papercrafts are more difficult than they appear.. I would not reccomend one of them to be your first papercraft.

Q: Pepakura viewer won't open on my computer! Whats wrong?
A: You're probably using a mac. Either:
1. Only do the papercrafts you can find in PDO format
2. Make friends with people with non-Apple computers, and have them print stuff out for you.
3. Invest in a new computer
If you're not using a mac, then I have no idea. "Pdos don't open on Mac without use of Bootcamp or virtualization to run Windows."
Another possibility is you're using Pepakura designer on a model that only works on viewer. For that problem, just open the file with pepakura viewer instead.

Q: What are some good papercrafting sites?

Q: I AM GETTING SO GOOD AT THIS! Now how do I make my own papercrafts?!?! :D
A: If you want to start making papercrafts (with pre-made models, not just building from scratch) look into programs like Metasequoia, Blender, Milkshape, Google Sketchup, or 3DS Max for 3D modeling and Photoshop or GIMP for image editing. If you want to make your own models, It's a long and complicated process, so if you really want to learn, then I'd suggest you take a class on 3d modeling. Or, use blender or metasequioa and start small. Make things like cubes and cones, and figure out how to design well before attempting a papercraft. Other options include downloading others'  3d models and editing vertices and textures to create a different character ( i use metasequioa for all this). ask some people on /3d/ or browse forums on 3d modeling for help :)