November 6, 2011

Hatsune Miku Garden Pepa Version

Charactor: Hatsune Miku
Creator: Pepa (
Difficulty: Medium (PRE-CUT 8D)
Hours to Complete: 4-6

This model is really simple and absolutely adorable. Its about $11 when you buy it and pay for shipping, but everything is somewhat pre-cut and theres special paper with different materials, which is very nice... (like the skin is soft, the black parts are more rubbery, and the cloth parts have a fabric-like texture). The only problems I had with it were that I couldnt find any good magnets, so I just went ahead and glued the arms to the shirt. (the point of the magnets was so you could remove the arms and take off her shirt and skirt, so she can run around in underwear o-o)...
Also its very cute how the pony tails are flippable, and the stand is very nice! I put my nendoroid on the stand instead of miku, and its still awesome C:

No download, if you want to purchase this model, contact Pepa

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