November 8, 2012

Vriska Serket SSN-style

Character: Vriska Serket
Creator: Kimi (SSN-edit)
Difficulty: Medium
Hours to complete: 3-5

This is Vriska Serket from Homestuck, more info on her here:

Besides a little tweaking for the left sleeve, and the collar, the papercraft is fairly straightforward (hopefully). If you need any help, see SSN's Black Rock Shooter or look for this tag "ペーパークラフト" on his blog. The horns have the 3d pepakura file included :)


July 14, 2012

Lilligant WIP

Character: Lilligant
Creator: Kimi
Difficulty: ?
Hours to complete: ?

Rather than wait to upload her, Ill place her for download here until I have the time to build her. I have many other projects to work on right now, enjoy this lilligant! She is my favorite Pokemon :)

Download: (Fixed! No more random flagging on mediafire guys, I don't appreciate it.)

July 12, 2012

Zillyhoo Papercraft

Item: Warhammer of Zillyhoo (from Homestuck)
Creator: Kimi (build by Suigentoo)
Difficulty: Medium
Hours to complete: 5-6

Im' looking forward to building this one myself, but this one was built by my pal, suigentoo. I created the 3d model from scratch. Its uncolored, but that means it should be a lot of fun to paint! Its mostly for cosplays, especially ones including John of Gamzee! Here's the final upload version, its 24 pages and about 2 feet tall.

Download: *edited AGAIN*

June 13, 2012

Anarchy Panty

Character: Anarchy Panty
Creator: Deadwall and Kimi (ME)
Difficulty: Medium
Hours to complete: 5-6

Panty wasn't too difficult to make! I'd say the most annoying part to build of all of it was her fingers! Blasted things.
Also, the hair is overly tedious. I didn't think it would be so hard to fold, but it is somewhat annoying! But totally worth it :)

Mostly I'm just happy to have a Panty that matches my Stocking so she will no longer look so lonely!

Here's the final version, enjoy!


Note: Stocking is available for download here -!download|484p6|2105712157|_Fruity_.rar|129712|0|0

May 17, 2012

Homestuck Troll Horns

Characters: All the trolls!
Creator: ME! (Kimi)
Difficulty: Easy
Hours to complete:
 Aradia: 2 hours
 Tavros: 1.5 hours
 Sollux: 1.5 hours
 Karkat: 1.5 hours
 Nepeta: 1 hour
 Kanaya: 1.5 hours
 Terezi: 20 minutes
 Vriska: 2 hours
 Equius: 1.5 hours
 Gamzee: 1.5 hours
 Eridan: 2 hours
 Feferi: 1.5 hours

Hope these help for on the-go cosplays! Purrhaps I shall make the Ancestors too, but we shall see!
dl includes all the troll horns (+a tall vriska horns) and pdo versions as well.


Ancestor Horns

Characters: All the Ancestors
Creator: ME! (Kimi)
Difficulty: Easy-ish
Hours to complete:
 Handmaid: 2.5 hours
 Summoner: 3 hours
 Psiioniic: 2.5 hours
 Sufferer: 1.5 hours
 Disciple: 2 hours
 Dolorosa: 2.5 hours
 Redglase: 20 minutes
 Mindfang: 2.5 hours
 Darkleer: 1.5 hours
 Grand Highblood: 3 hours
 Dualscar: 2.5 hours
 Baroness: 2.5 hours

April 2, 2012

PROGRESS (HMO Miku & Panty)

Uhm. So that you know I'm not totally slacking off when I don'y give anything here, these are the current projects I'm working on :)

Anarchy Panty:
Edited deadwalls model so that it stands around 220 cm (height of stocking), and changed coloration and some features of the model. Currently, building the model is on hold until I finish miku :)

unfinished dl link:

Absolute HMO Miku:
I simplified most of the Miku 3d model in metaseq with help from Natious. Then, I unfolded the model in pepakura, and now I'm about halfway through with building it. I'll release a totally final version when I'm completely finished :)

Until then, here's an incomplete downloadable version.

March 26, 2012


Charactor: Charlotte
Creator: ? (3dzhimo)
Difficulty: Medium
Hours to Complete: 5-6

Overall shes a pretty simple, super cute design. I spent ~3 hours on her, then ~2 on the chair.
Nothing too particular to avoid on this model, she was pretty straight forward.


February 13, 2012

Misaka Mikoto

Charactor: Misaka Mikoto
Creator: Fruity
Difficulty: Medium 
Hours to Complete: 6-9

This model was alright, although not one of my favorites. Shes a little too geometric, with nice 'mitten' hands and a square-ish breast. But aside from that, shes about as easy to build as fruitys other models (BRS, Stocking etc), and she has full 360 rotation on her head xD
I;d suggest
1. Dont make too crisp of folds, especially if you want to avoid square-chested-ness.
2. print out your own bottoms for the shoes?
She was a bit odd, but a nice enough design. I appreciated the instructions and the side-numbering.



November 6, 2011

Hatsune Miku Garden Pepa Version

Charactor: Hatsune Miku
Creator: Pepa (
Difficulty: Medium (PRE-CUT 8D)
Hours to Complete: 4-6

This model is really simple and absolutely adorable. Its about $11 when you buy it and pay for shipping, but everything is somewhat pre-cut and theres special paper with different materials, which is very nice... (like the skin is soft, the black parts are more rubbery, and the cloth parts have a fabric-like texture). The only problems I had with it were that I couldnt find any good magnets, so I just went ahead and glued the arms to the shirt. (the point of the magnets was so you could remove the arms and take off her shirt and skirt, so she can run around in underwear o-o)...
Also its very cute how the pony tails are flippable, and the stand is very nice! I put my nendoroid on the stand instead of miku, and its still awesome C:

No download, if you want to purchase this model, contact Pepa

October 30, 2011

Mikunero Papercraft

Charactor: Hatsune Miku
Creator: unknown
Difficulty: Medium
Hours to Complete: 4-6

This chibi miku wasn't too difficult, and she is fairly cute :3
Only problems i have is that her body is almost TOO simple, and her ponytails are a little too dark as compared to her base hair.